Some Unique Features

Report Infractions

Protect your company and hold your employees accountable by reporting workplace infractions.


Easily and accurately verify work history and records of your potential employees beyond what the CVs say.

Records & References

Verificio makes it easy to get background details of potential staff instantly based on references from previous employers.

Custom Surveys

Easily create multiple custom surveys and get feedbacks and ratings from all your employees.

Digital Resume Builder

You can rate the performances of your employees on the job as well as give medals as a way to encourage growth.

Office Communication

Verificio provides the capability for employees to communicate among themselves and share files within Verificio, seamlessly

Who can use Verificio?


Verificio helps businesses and employers get a verified identity check on employees


Verificio runs identity check for government Ministries, Departments and Agencies about potential and existing employees.

Schools & Hospitals

Verify the work ethics and run a background checks on your potential teachers or health workers even before you sign them on.


Verificio allows you create custom surveys for your employees to give genuine anonymous feedbacks.

Our Clients Speak

We have been working with clients around the world

Verificio is everything the market has been waiting for. It has all the solutions that a business owner like me would want. I no longer have to worry about hiring the wrong employee.

-Victor, Entrepreneur

As an HR Manager for the past 6 years, I am particularly excited about Verificio because it takes off a lot of the stress of managing people. Now, I have a one-stop application where all my employees' infractons are reported. Life is made easy. - Imade

-HR Manager

As a private school, often we have to deal with absenteeism, child molestation, rape, fraud, etc. With Verifio, I am able to know beyond what is written on the CV. I can also report crimes committed by my employees.


Our Affordable Plans


Unlimited number of staff to onboard

Unlimited number of Sub-Admins

Unlimited Admin role to staff

Unlimited searches per month

Create Reports and Surveys

Bulk Search Features

Manage staff access

Give Staff Feedbacks

Company Feedback/Rating System

Remove Staff from Company List

Manage Company Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Verificio offers a quick and accurate solution to verify identities of your prospective employees using data directly provided by previous employers, powered by artificial intelligence. Verificio enable you hold them accountable by reporting any infractions for future references.

Verificio allows annual subscription packages. You will be notified by email and other channels before your subscription expires. If subscription is not renewed, the service provisions will be limited.

Red flag is an anonymous whistle blowing within an organization. Often times, corruption persist in an organization because colleagues are afraid of reprisal attacks from reporting. Red flags enable them report issues to the management or line managers anonymously.

When employers report employees for certain infractions like fraud, sexual harrassment, etc. Verificio will notify the employee by email with the details of the report. It will go into the digital database for crimes & infractions after 7 days. And become available for any future potential employer to see and make his judgement. It helps make your workers responsible and ethical to avoid having a bad record.

Yes. You can upgrade and downgrade your plan anytime you want.
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